Vision and Objectives


The Rural Innovation and Farming (RIF) Program of Ashoka is focused on identifying the key entrepreneurial leverages that will increase the overall livelihood and quality of life of small farmers and rural inhabitants (while sustaining food security).

To achieve this vision:

  • Ashoka Fellows in Sub-Saharan Africa and in India will have created successful models of entrepreneur-centered innovations that use agriculture and sustainable rural development as the basis for economic growth.
  • Significant innovations in agriculture will have been launched, grown and spread, and firmly established in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa and in the poorest states in India. Ashoka expects that the innovations we source will contribute to diminishing rural poverty and increase the quality of livelihoods of people in rural societies.


The general objective of the RIF program is to create a next generation “Entrepreneurial Green Revolution” in smallholder farming and rural non-farm economic development and create and environment in which every farmer can be a Changemaker.

More specifically, the objectives are:

  • Ashoka continues to search for and select Ashoka Fellows working in agriculture and sustainable rural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and India.
  • Ashoka helps successfully develop insights to transform agriculture and sustainable rural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and India.
  • Insights that emerge from Ashoka’s Rural Innovation and Farming program become the new paradigm for the field. Ashoka’s community consolidates a cross-sector effort to transform the field of agriculture and rural development over the next decade. We are presently focused on transformational opportunities in (1) Monetizing Natural Ecosystem Services, (2) Aggregation, (3) Nutrient Security, and (4) Entrepreneurial Talent.
  • Promote the new vision of "Nutrients For All"

Check out our The Transformation page for further information.